Wine and food itineraries

Wine and food itineraries in Tuscany bring out the real taste whilst staying in a holiday house in Maremma

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wine and food itinerary in Tuscany will give you an impressive journey through the tastes of our delicious typical regional dishes.

For those who love treating themselves with good tastes the Fattoria San Lorenzo proposes wine tastings. You can perceive herbs, spices and characteristics of three red or white local wines, matched to bread and cheese.

This delicious tasting, which takes place inside the restaurant, lasts 40 minutes and costs € 35,00 per person.

Upon request and directly here, you can follow our cooking lessons lasting two hours for at least 6 persons at the price of € 50,00 each.

One of the most popular especially in summer period is the one for not-cooked food; then those for the pizza, the focaccia, the pastry. A funny one is the “happy hour” to learn how to prepare aperitifs and appetizers.

For those having a sweet tooth “Cakes and desserts”, a challenge with Ladies’ kisses, Prato bisuits, custard and chantilly with basil, chocolate and hot pepper cake, and jam tart.