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Wine and food itineraries
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Wine and food itineraries in Tuscany

Wine and food itineraries in Tuscany will help you better discover and understand the most delicious aspect of the local culture, an authentic journey through the tradition of this land characterized by the cooking excellences of old recipes.
A compulsory step if you really want to meet Tuscan culinary traditions is to understand and appreciate our prestigious wines. Not just simple tastings but also “The Wine and flavors route”, a path to meet colors, tastes and flavours, a visit to the winecellar “Il Cristo” in Marina di Grosseto, not far from “La Cava“, the perfect context to pair food and notes, during your elegant dinners. Staying in the holiday apartments in Maremma you’ll join the full taste of the excellences which symbolizes our region, such us goat cheese, fish eggs from Orbetello, kidney beans from Sorano, the rice from Principina, the extra virgin olive oil, the honey and the saffron.
And autumn brings even more: the tasty chestnuts, even us