Diving in Maremma

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Diving in Maremma is a perfect solution for combining lots of fun and the joy of exploring.

Through scuba diving, it is, in fact, possible to complete your journey in the area, leaving the splendid mainland behind to discover the magic and colours of the seabed.

Less experienced divers can start from the small bay of Cala Cupa, which reveals the colourful scorpionfish, combers, Apogon, Stenopus and Parapandalus shrimp among a maze of granite rocks. Still in the enchanting setting of the Giglio Island, Punta Capel Rosso presents one of the longest and most exciting itineraries of all.

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The holiday home offers of Fattoria San Lorenzo will take you into the heart of the region, just a few kilometres from the most popular areas with divers.

Such as Giannutri, for example, where adventure and fascinating surroundings are guaranteed with a dive to the sunken wreck of the Nasim.

In the sea of the Argentario, you will be accompanied by lobsters, octopus, sea bass and yellow and white Gorgonia coral, while the smaller islands of Grosseto, known as the “ants” are the site of numerous old shipwrecks.