Canoeing in Maremma

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There is no better way to discover the Grosseto area than by following the canoeing itineraries in Maremma.

You will have fun with Canadian canoes, similar to a catamaran, which are safe and unsinkable, suitable for both young and old, sports enthusiasts and beginners.

The backdrop to your excursions will the Ombrone river and the wonderful Maremma Regional Park.

The outings are organised by the Park’s Visitor Centre and the Cooperativa Silva.

canoe kayak maremma grosseto fiume ombrone

Different types of excursions are available to live an unforgettable experience >

Spending pleasant days in the holiday homes in Tuscany and going on canoeing trips will give you the chance to get to know the lovely varieties of trees that grow along the Ombrone river: poplars, alders, elms and willows. Continuing along the river, you will get to see the remains of a Roman construction known as the “devil’s bridge”, as well as cormorants, night herons and the pastures where the famous Maremma cattle are reared outdoors.

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