Museums in Maremma

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The itinerary proposed which is about museums in Maremma, represents an heterogeneous but essential mix to learn about the origins of one of the most fascinated regions in Italy.

Let’s start exploring the archeological approach, in four wonderful sites: Grosseto, Pitigliano, Orbetello and Sorano, Paleolithic finds or from the Iron age, from the Etruscan civilization to the Medieval age and to the Renaissance period.

The multimedial museum of Casa Rossa Ximens in Castiglione della Pescaia, leads us to the Fabbrica delle Cateratte, planned to reclaim the entire Maremman area.

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From our holiday apartments in Tuscany a short drive will take us to Massa Marittima to discover the secrets of a hard but noble work, that of the miners with two places dedicated to them, one in Via Corridoni and the other in the Palazzetto Armi.

In the Grossetan main town the site for the Natural History museum, on three floors with a huge space for scientific and didactic activities.

And then, we will move to the Giglio to know and understand the characteristics of the substratum for the site created for mineralogy and geology.