E-bike rental in the Tuscan Maremma at Fattoria San Lorenzo


A wonderful novelty for this 2021 season: at Fattoria San Lorenzo the rental of e-bikes is available at always low prices in order to make bike rides along the itineraries and paths adjacent to our accommodation simpler and more enjoyable.

Riding an e-bike is a truly exhilarating experience as it allows you to cover longer distances and effortlessly explore this beautiful area that is the Tuscan Maremma.


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What is an e-bike?

This type of bicycle allows you to be helped and assisted in pedalling but does not replace it. With specific controls, the bike is asked to give variable help on different levels established by the driver but the muscular effort, although reduced, must still be present together with the consequent physical benefit; in other words, however, you pedal even if with less effort.

Do you struggle anyway?

If you want to struggle, the answer is yes. In fact, based on the type of assistance level chosen, you can choose to use more or less effort as needed. Other factors of course are the type of route and the number of kilometres. The great thing about e-bikes is precisely this: to choose at will how much to commit in terms of muscle commitment. If the intent is a nice exploratory trip to admire the beauties of the area, you can return to your apartment in Fattoria San Lorenzo “as fresh as a rose”.


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Why rent an e-bike?

Considering the benefits in terms of energy savings described above, it must be added that it is really fun and those who use it for the first time are always enthusiastic about it. You ride using an absolutely non-polluting engine powered in green mode because the e-bike is electric! From here , a question can arise spontaneously…do you stay on foot? The answer is no, because if the battery runs out, the e-bike can always be pedalled. Our e-bikes that can be rented at Fattoria San Lorenzo are all equipped with a display capable of indicating exactly the remaining battery life in order to better manage the journey and from time to time set the assistance to the minimum to extend it to the maximum. the duration of the itinerary. Generally the supplied e-bikes have a range of about 50 km and recharging it is very easy, just a simple socket.


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The speed of an e-bike?

All e-bikes for rent at Fattoria San Lorenzo respect the speed limit allowed by law, which is 25 kilometres per hour. This, we repeat, does not mean that we push a button and the bike starts going up to 25 kilometres per hour! We remember you that the e-bike is not a moped! The maximum speed is the one that will make the motor that assists pedalling come off, above this speed there will be only the legs in action.


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Who uses the e-bike?

The number of people who choose to ride an e-bike is increasing exponentially because it is good and healthy! You can cover longer distances than on a classic bicycle because less effort is made per single kilometre, but by covering more kilometres, you spend more energy. The e-bike also allows those who do not pedal frequently to take a sustainable holiday and visit places surrounded by nature that may not be accessible by car and / or other non-green and non-eco-sustainable means.

Fattoria San Lorenzo in the Tuscan Maremma has expanded its bike park by offering any type of e-bike for hire. Obviously, classic bicycles of all types will always be present: city bikes, mountain bikes, race bikes.

The e-bikes for rent at Fattoria San Lorenzo that we recommend are trekking bikes, the perfect type for the cycle traveller because it is suitable for routes on asphalt, dirt roads, discreet gradients and medium-slope climbs. This type of bike is sturdy and stable with a steel frame and components that are not too light but solid; mounts 28” wheels and wider anti-puncture rubber. You will find our electric bikes ready for hire and equipped with locks, luggage racks, lights and mudguards (child seat on request). The electric motor is positioned on the rear hub and the battery (which you can easily recharge by removing it from the rear of the bike) is sufficient to ensure an average-long range.

We can’t wait to let you try the new electric bikes available for hire at our Fattoria San Lorenzo!


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