Our Spirulina Cake recipe


At the Fattoria San Lorenzo you can find a rich buffet for breakfast with homemade sweet and savoury products. We pay close attention to the preparation of healthy products and desserts also suitable for those suffering from particular food intolerances, people with celiac disease or those who plan to spend a sporting holiday and need the right energy to start the day.

The protagonist of the spirulina cake is just this wonderful food, a microalgae made directly by us, in our company Severino Becagli, not far from Fattoria San Lorenzo.

Spirulina is a source of energy and protein, it is rich in iron and low in fat. It has many beneficial health effects: as antioxidant used in cosmetics, it is the algae with many uses in medicine, it is the “food of the gods” and the astronauts, a unique pigment. The perfect union between tradition and innovation.


300 g of 00 flour, 250 g of sugar, 160 g of butter, 4 eggs, 125 g of low-fat yogurt with lime, 50 g of milk, 1 sachet of baking powder, 1 sachet of vanillin, 40/50 g of seaweed spirulina powder.


Combine the powders: 00 flour, sugar, spirulina, yeast and vanillin.
Beat the eggs with whips. Combine the eggs with the mixture of premixed powders, the softened butter, the yogurt, the milk and finally a pinch of salt, always helping you with the electric whips.


ricetta torta alla spirulina


Butter a cake pan of about 28 cm, pour the dough into the cake tin and bake at 160° C for about 45 minutes in a convection oven, making sure that the inside of the cake is cooked at the right point by inserting a toothpick into the centre. Only if the toothpick has no fresh residues attached, the cake is ready.


ricetta torta spirulina


It is advisable to taste it cold.
The cake is kept out of the fridge protected by a glass jar for 3 days.


ricetta torta alla spirulina


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